LEAKED: Team Associated B6 & B6D coming soon?

by Mike Garrison 0

2016_APR_AE B6

Team Associated has unveiled several sneak peeks this week of new parts, and have urged viewers to keep a close eye on social media pages. While browsing the AE website we stumbled across a little something that caught our eye…

While searching for parts, among the list of “Current Vehicles” available, the site listed “B6” and “B6D”. Could all of these social media hints be pointing towards these unheard of vehicles? If so, we can only assume these are two new 2wd buggies featuring the new laydown transmission (shown earlier today). Perhaps the B6 is for astro, and B6D is for dirt (similar to the XRAY XB2 Carpet and XB2 Dirt edition buggies)? The list has since been removed from the site, which further raises suspicion, and¬†leaves us anxious to see what is coming!

Stay tuned!

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